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UV Flex Line


The NSI UV-Flex-500 series is an affordable laser processing solution ideal for mass production. The system is suitable for high throughput and high yield applications that require accurate, clean, and quality through holes and blind vias. Additional micro machining capabilities include depaneling, routing, and skiving.

UV Laser drilling machine

The NSI laser system works well for both prototyping and volume production. High precision linear motors ensure high resolution and better repeatability in the positioning system. An ultraviolet (UV) laser is used to cut through copper layer. The UV laser also contributes in the cleaning or de‐smearing of any critical copper surface. The system features panel height measurements to compensate for panel thickness. It also comes with vacuum tooling plates compatible with multiline four‐pin registrations for variable panel sizes. Fiducial alignment is accomplished by means of CCD cameras. The system has provision for multipoint alignment with 4‐point mapping for closer registration tolerances.

Product features

  • Max panel size: 500mm x 500mm
  • Laser source: 10-20W, UV laser technology
  • Micromachining with high precision
  • User friendly touch screen operation
  • Roll to roll option for higher throughput


Ultraviolet (UV): Flex PCB, IC substrates, HDI
Material: metal, acrylic, glass epoxy, epoxy, polyimide

Process example: