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The Principles of Ablation

Considering the many types of materials involved in laser micro machining, selecting the most optimum laser can be a challenge. An understanding of material properties and laser characteristics are necessary for making the right selection. Laser micro machining is an ablation process. This means the material to be removed is […]

Introduction to Laser Micro Machining

Overview: Laser micro machining includes laser ablation, surface structuring of tough materials, and routing to create wave-guides. Materials suited for laser ablation include: ceramics, glasses, metals, polymers, and semiconductors. Typical laser micro machining is done with pulses with a duration of nanoseconds to picoseconds. Ultra-fast lasers have pulses shorter than […]

Nano System Inc now NSI Laser; plans expansion in the Bay Area

MILPITAS, California-December 19, 2016 – NSI today announced the consolidation of all activities to its California headquarters. NSI, an emerging provider of laser-based processing tools, was founded in 2014. In two short years, the company has delivered several novel laser systems designed for drilling and routing. Taking on giants such […]