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Process Development

We are laser system integrators that specialize in process development for various micro machining processes that includes but is not limited to: drilling, routing, and etching. The process starts with close collaboration with clients from the beginning to end. Whether on-site or at our facility, we help clients who need laser expertise to develop or improve a laser process. The process is delivered in the form of a recipe.

The development process starts with preliminary testing for feasibility. After determining the suitable laser source (ns, ps, fs), we test different parameters, then optimize for best results from prototype to mass production scaling. Our experts develop complex recipes to control depth, width, and fine patterns on thin film and delicate, unique materials. We also provide support for your in-house laser team.

We also have optical metrology equipment in our applications lab for real time imaging and analysis.

Common challenges for laser processing:
– Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)
– Cracks or fractures to fragile material
– Many thin layers of various material
– Processing speed
– Repeatability and reliability

We work with industries such as aerospace, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and military applications requiring micro material processing and welcome new challenges to discover new process for new, unique materials.

If you have a process challenge that needs development or optimization, please contact us at info@nsi-usa.com