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Wafer Scribing System

NSI Laser introduces a new line of laser equipment for the Photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing industry, specifically for Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) and Selective Emitter (SE) applications. This system is cost efficient for maximum ROI and ideal for mass production.



The NSI laser system capabilities include:

i. Drilling of holes with diameters ranging from 35um – 45um
ii. Scribing lines and patterns
iii. Skiving of fiducial marks for drill file registration
iv. Light scribing of different substrate
v. Automated turnables to enable 2 wafers processed in parallel to maximize the throughput

The NSI laser system works well for both prototyping and volume production. High precision linear motors ensure high resolution and better repeatability in the positioning system. It also comes with vacuum tooling plates. Fiducial alignment is accomplished by means of CCD cameras. Inline or stacked load/unload option available upon request. In terms of throughput, the NSI laser system has best in class in 6600-8000 mph for 1mm scribing line distance.

The NSI laser system user interface includes:
i. Data processing on individual wafers
ii. Data processing on implementing scaling factors, offset and rotation
iii. Laser tool management
iv. Data processing on laser tools and tool parameters and libraries
v. Skiving applications on different composite materials
vi. Panel marking for identification
vii. Software controlled preventive maintenance for calibration of laser offset, laser power
viii. Monitoring of laser status and changing of crystal
ix. Monitoring of sensors providing information on compressed air supply, exhaust, & cooling



Laser scribing on PERC material








SE laser processing on solar cell









For detailed specifications, please inquire at info@nsi-usa.com.