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Dual Laser System


The advantages of the combined UV and CO2 laser system are directly related to PCB (printed circuit board) processing. The UV laser is ideally suited for fast and efficient drilling of copper layers whereas the CO2 laser is uniquely suited for the acrylic layer of the PCB. In combination, the UV/CO2 provides a one-time setup for drilling through multilayer PCBs.
NSI has perfected its UV/CO2 system with a keen eye for user-friendliness. With our Gen III NSI-UC2-3228, we have implemented intuitive touch screen operation. To further assist the laser micromachining process, our system features coaxial vision, eliminating any offsets. This ensures better precision.

UV/CO2 Laser drilling machine

Product features

  • Max panel size: 32” x 28”
  • Laser source: 20W, UV laser technology, 3kW high peak power CO2
  • Micromachining with high precision
  • Coaxial vision system
  • User friendly touch screen operation


Ultraviolet (UV): PCB, flexible board
Material: metal, acrylic, glass epoxy, epoxy, polyimide

Infrared (CO2): PCB, ceramic device
Material: glass epoxy, epoxy, green sheet

Process examples