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Visit us at booth #829 at IPC APEX in San Diego

It’s almost that time of the year again and we are excited to be exhibiting for another year at IPC APEX in San Diego on February 27 – March 1. Find us at booth #829 demonstrating our new UV Flex system, UV CO2, and process samples. If you are looking […]

Transitioning From Mechanical to Laser Micro Machining

We’ve noticed that more PCB, flex manufacturers, and micro machining shops are starting to make the transition from mechanical to laser processing. Whether it be for routing, drilling, or cutting, laser seems to be the faster and ideal solution to meet the growing demand for finer features on thinner, unique […]

Laser Processing: Ultra-Fast Lasers

Ultra-fast lasers, more specifically femtosecond lasers, are used to assist in micromachining applications for manufacturing medical devices, glass cutting, and semiconductor, and PCB materials. Micromachining applications that once were mechanical processes and nanosecond lasers now use ultra-fast lasers. Advantages of using ultra-fast lasers for micromachining processes such as routing, skiving, drilling, and […]

Trends in Laser Processing

Over the past decade, ultrafast lasers (pulse durations of pico and femto seconds) have made it from the research lab into commercially available systems. Ultrafast lasers are increasingly useful for surface micro machining, micro and nano structuring, and 3D processing. They are capable of processing almost any material without causing […]

The Principles of Ablation

Considering the many types of materials involved in laser micro machining, selecting the most optimum laser can be a challenge. An understanding of material properties and laser characteristics are necessary for making the right selection. Laser micro machining is an ablation process. This means the material to be removed is […]

NSI Laser Announces Opening of Applications Laboratory

Laser micro machining enables miniaturization in next generation electronics manufacturing FREMONT, California – March 29, 2017 –  NSI Laser is opening an applications laboratory at its Fremont, CA facility. This is in response to the whole electronics industry moving towards high density interconnect (HDI) and finer geometry PCBs. As new […]

Introduction to Laser Micro Machining

Overview: Laser micro machining includes laser ablation, surface structuring of tough materials, and routing to create wave-guides. Materials suited for laser ablation include: ceramics, glasses, metals, polymers, and semiconductors. Typical laser micro machining is done with pulses with a duration of nanoseconds to picoseconds. Ultra-fast lasers have pulses shorter than […]

IPC APEX 2017 Recap

IPC APEX is the largest international event tailored for printed circuit board and electronics manufacturers. This year, the five-day event was hosted at the San Diego convention center. Professionals around the world participated in the technical conferences, exhibition, and networking events. NSI had the pleasure of exhibiting at booth 3709 […]

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We’re attending IPC APEX EXPO on Feb 14-16 2017 : Visit booth 3709

Please contact tina@nanosystem-usa.com to schedule an meeting with us that week or to request more product information. Find out more about us here: exhibitor information   

Nano System Inc now NSI Laser; plans expansion in the Bay Area

MILPITAS, California-December 19, 2016 – NSI today announced the consolidation of all activities to its California headquarters. NSI, an emerging provider of laser-based processing tools, was founded in 2014. In two short years, the company has delivered several novel laser systems designed for drilling and routing. Taking on giants such […]