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Applications Lab


Applications Lab

Our Apps Lab is staffed with a team of experts in laser micro machining applications and process development. Equipped with multiple laser systems, we can perform any number of sample tests for different processes in the aerospace, medical, military, solar, and electronics industry. In collaboration with our customers, we help them develop new and unique processes that can only be carried out by our laser systems. Our services are available for an initial free-of-charge proof of concept processing. Contact us for further details. We work with our customers to customize our laser micro machining system to perform unique processes.



The Apps Lab houses a range of ultra-fast UV, green, IR, and CO2 lasers. With NSI’s unique multi-laser head, a test sample can be processed using a variety of wavelengths and power conditions. We also provide advanced metrology, especially for fast feedback analysis. Our App Lab includes equipment such as 3D profiler and optical microscopes are available. More in depth analysis is also available in the form of cross-sections and SEM analysis at material characterization facilities in Silicon Valley. Our laser systems can perform etching, drilling, routing, skiving, and thin-film ablation on a wide range of materials to determine your unique process requirements.


To complete a full evaluation of your requirements, we will need an adequate number of samples to test. This varies based on size and applications. Consult with one of our engineers to discuss your current process development needs.