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Nano System Inc now NSI Laser; plans expansion in the Bay Area

MILPITAS, California-December 19, 2016 – NSI today announced the consolidation of all activities to its California headquarters. NSI, an emerging provider of laser-based processing tools, was founded in 2014. In two short years, the company has delivered several novel laser systems designed for drilling and routing. Taking on giants such as Hitachi, Japan and Schmoll, Germany, NSI has solidified its position as an innovative actor in the emerging market for high-quality precision drilling for the PCB manufacturing industry.

“We are excited about the response from early adopters of our unique laser systems,” said Elaine Qi, NSI’s executive chairwoman. “With a combination of two lasers, CO2 and UV, we cover the gamut of what’s needed for the next generation PCBs. Decreasing hole sizes, coupled with shrinking pitch, laser-based tools are no longer a curiosity, they are a must. Drilling is still the major bottle neck in advanced PCB manufacturing and we are ready to expand accordingly.”

To address this challenge, NSI recently added strong talent including engineers with doctorate degrees from Stanford and other institutions. Many of them with decades of experience in lasers, materials processing, integration and automation. This expansion also involves moving to a much larger facility in Fremont, CA. “Our customers continue to push the envelope in PCB manufacturing”, Elaine Qi continues. “In our new facility, we are ready to collaborate with our customers on optimizing solutions and expanding our product portfolio. Laser based processing is still in its infancy and we are excited about the future.”

Through NSI’s unique partnership with its customers, new prospects can also schedule time to see a laser system in action. NSI will be prominently featured in booth 3709 at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO 2017 (Feb. 14 -16). For more information, please contact Tina Kha.


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